Some Good habits in life to keep me on track.

  1. Eat healthy and work out daily. Physical health is very necessary for success.
  2. Stop feeling unprivileged and calling yourself a victim of circumstances. There are millions of people in this world craving for a good school education and a higher degree in life. You are laughing at their face if you can’t appreciate what you have with you.
  3. Watch TV for a limited time. Entertainment is only necessary to lighten your mood for a small duration. It can’t sustain your daily life.
  4. Work seriously for at least one hour every day.
  5. Subscribe to a magazine and read meaningful articles during tea/ coffee break. It will help you to build perspective and good vocabulary.
  6. Write a journal whenever you are trapped in your thoughts. Writing will help you to come out of it and make a firm decision.
  7. Love the love of your life but learn to let them go. Let the forces of nature work on bringing them to you while you work on your goals.

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